More and more organizations active in analytical fields feel the necessity to automate different workflows to meet the high standards of today’s data-driven world. At Lab Services we create various custom-build high throughput platforms that fulfill our clients' needs. A high throughput platform can be used for many different applications. High Throughput Screening is a drug discovery process that allows automated testing of large numbers of biological and chemical compounds at high speed. The method is extensively used within the pharmaceutical industry. High Throughput Genotyping is a way to test different genomes for molecular markers and is used in cancer research and crop research. Each platform that we design meets the respective client's requirements in a technical, safe, and affordable manner. We are always finding ways to offer our clients maximum technical performance at minimal cost.

Application purpose

Lab Services provides high throughput platforms for various applications. Every client has specific needs meaning that every platform is unique. The purpose of an application also varies per customer. Sometimes the client wants to save time, reagents, or sample materials to gain advantage over their competitors, or the clients wants to standardize different laboratory processes to avoid potential technician variation. Furthermore, being able to generate more precise and reliable data in less time is a crucial addition to any workflow in laboratories. There are numerous possibilities for creating high throughput platforms suitable for different applications.

Why you should choose a high throughput platform

A high throughput platform can be used for your organization, regardless of your professional field: Animal Science, Medical research, Food Industry, Drug Development & Discovery, Biomarkers, Agriculture, Stem Cell Research, etc. Together, we will get your workflow to a higher level. A high throughput platform increases your workflow output and generates data in a fast, reliable, and accessible manner. As well as standardizing your entire workflow.

Key features of a high throughput platform

High throughput platforms have a number of key features:
  •  Acceleration: able to initiate thousands of reactions in only a few hours.
  • Standardized: the results are reproducible and using the platform reduces the chance of mistakes, such as cross-contamination.
  • Operates in parallel: the platform can process multiple samples.
  • Works easily: the platform can load and unload cooled sample plates.
  • Compatible with LIMS environment and commercial data analysis software, such as our PlateButler software.

Key benefits of a high throughput platform

High throughput platforms have several benefits:
  • Increase the assay capacity using 384- or 1536-well microplates.
  • Can process a large number of samples simultaneously.
  • Maximized throughput with minimized human intervention.
  • Flexible solutions with customizable workflows.
  • Save time, reagents, and sample material.
  • Generate reliable and precise reproducible data.

Would you like to learn more about what Lab Services and our high throughput platforms can do for your laboratory? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We will be glad to help your organization become more efficient.
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