High throughput automation: automated laboratory equipment is increasing in demand as laboratories look to automate processes and create a higher throughput. High throughput automation is designed to increase productivity. This allows scientists to produce more data and focus on different tasks. At Lab Services we provide high throughput automation that fulfills our clients' needs. This method is extensively used within the pharmaceutical industry. Each platform meets the client's requirements in a technical, safe, and affordable manner. We always offer our clients an automation solution with maximum technical performance at minimal cost.

High throughput automation for applications

Lab Services provides high throughput automation for various applications. Every platform is unique because every client has specific requests. The aim of an automation solution varies from client to client. For example, some clients simply want to save time by means of a high throughput solution to create a leading advantage, whereas others seek to reduce the amount of sample materials. In any case, generating more reliable and precise data in less time is crucial for every laboratory. There are many possibilities for creating high throughput automation for various applications.

Why should you choose high throughput automation?

High throughput automation can be deployed for your organization, regardless of your work field: Animal Science, Biomarkers, Food Industry, Medical research, Drug Development & Discovery, Agriculture or Stem Cell Research. High throughput automation increases your workflow and generates data in a reliable, efficient, and fast manner. What are the benefits of laboratory automation software?

Benefits of high throughput automation

The primary benefit of high throughput automation is the reduction in error rates. Alongside this it has several other benefits:
  • Platforms increase the assay capacity.
  • It generates reliable and precise reproducible data.
  • Using high throughput automation saves time, sample materials, and reagents.
  • Maximized throughput, and minimal human intervention necessary.
  • Processes a large number of samples simultaneously.

Service contracts at Lab Services

Lab Services offers service contracts. With these contracts, we assure your system and its instrument's productivity and extend its lifespan. We have two different types of contracts:
  1. Full-service contract: This is an extension of the first warranty year. With this contract, you will never face unforeseen expenses. It includes parts, incidental services, preventative service, and a 24-hour response period.
  2. Preventive service contract: depending on your automation, it will be subjected to standard tests and check-ups. This preventive service reduces the chance of any interim repairs. If you face unexpected problems, we guarantee that we will respond within 48 hours.

Curious about what Lab Services and our high throughput automation solutions can do for your organization? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We will be glad to help your organization become more efficient and durable.

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