ELISA platform: ELISA stands for Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. It is mostly used in analytical biochemistry. ELISA development is becoming more popular and new techniques are being explored in rapid succession. Especially in research regarding COVID-19 pharmacological treatment, these workflows tend to be fast-tracked. Due to the size of these processes, there is often a need for efficient and fast-paced automation. At Lab Services we understand that your workflow needs to be accurate, precise, and reliable. That's why we propose a suitable solution according to your needs.


The platforms we design for our clients use smart storage and keep track of records containing numerous samples and plates. The frame is designed around a robot on a track with a state-of-the-art liquid handler at the head. The ELISA platform has multi-level flooring, and the cabinet placement provides a simple way to access devices within different levels of the system. Critical sections of the platform are protected from outside dirt and unwanted particles. In addition, this serves as a safety cabinet for the users who have physical interaction with the system. With these automated systems we provide our clients with the best form of automation that fulfills their needs, freeing up their employees to focus on other research production processes.

Why you should choose the ELISA platform

If your company still utilizes extensive and thorough workflows for ELISA development by hand, then it might be time to opt for a semi- or full-automation solution. Whether it’s simply the next step in your process or if it’s due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic that a higher throughput and automation is required, we offer solution by means of a fully customized platform. Does your lab have limited space? Don’t worry! We can adjust every system's height, length, and width.

Key features of the ELISA platform

The ELISA platform has a number of key features:
  • Smart: placement of devices and robot reach for multilevel support.
  • Modern: durable design with maximum customization.
  • Future-proof: applicable software and composition of devices.
  • High throughput: tracking, sample transfer, and processing.
  • Clear: a vision of the process workflow and all areas.
  • Accessible: a protected platform which can be operated and serviced from multiple positions.

Key benefits of the ELISA platform

The ELISA platform has several benefits:
  • Operation of a diversity of workflows 24/7.
  • High throughput of all kinds of samples.
  • Brand-independent composition of necessary devices.
  • Fast access of all device positions for efficient moving.
  • Compliant with all kinds of safety requirements and regulations.

Curious about what Lab Services and our ELISA platform can do for your organization? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We will be glad to help your organization become more efficient and sustainable.
ELISA platform
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