Lab Services has the perfect deep-well plates for you, regardless of your preferences! Deep-well plates are uncoated single-use items made from polypropylene for preparing, analyzing, centrifuging, mixing, transporting, and storing liquid and solid reagents and samples, and we have them in different sizes and formats!  This means we can always provide you with plates that fit your laboratory. Our plates are widely used in life science laboratories and can be used in all conventional plate readers. Let us enlighten you about the different plates and what the benefits are of using deep-well plates in your laboratory. 

Benefits of Deep-well plates

Looking for the ideal product for sample storage? Deep-well plates are the solution! They are for short and long-term use, tissue culture work, enzyme assays and the plates can be used as reagent reservoirs. All deep-well plates have an SBS Footprint. They can be used with automated lab equipment and are free of DNase, RNase, PCR Inhibitor and, sterile tubes are also pyrogen-free. Besides, the deep-well plates are stackable for easy storage.

Deep-well plates by Lab Services

At Lab Services we offer Deep-Well plates and tip combs from KingFisher. These are made of polypropylene and are ideal for magnetic separation processes because of their low binding affinity for biomolecules. Their unique design enables the recovery of magnetic beads. 

KingFisher 96 Deep-Well Plate for magnetic separation 2.0 ml and 0.2 ml

Automated magnetic separations are used for different purposes, such as purification of proteins and DNA extraction. This technology is based on magnetic particles and allows a fast and efficient sample preparation with high throughput. The plastic plates are made of highly purified Polypropylene. They ensure a long-term and reproducible separation process. Therefore the reliability of the analysis and the sustainability of the products are guaranteed. These plates comply with the SBS standard and are specially made for machines with magnetic separation. The temperature resistance of these plates is from -80 to 120 degrees! 

KingFisher Tip Comb for magnetic separation

96 Tip comb for deep-well plates is ideal for magnetic particle processing. Due to their low binding affinity for biomolecules: their unique design enables excellent recovery of magnetic beads. 

Lab Services

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