Crop science involves the study of biological systems, soil, plants, biodiversity, genetics and their environment. Crop science definition also included scientific knowledge and understanding management, cultivation, processing, and production of crops. Having sound knowledge of crop science is essential for the development a reliable supply of safe, healthy food, while taking biodiversity and nature conservation into account.  

Why is crop science important?

The biggest step in our history was when we settled down and started to grow first grain. This was the beginning of agriculture and the attempt to breed new grain types which will provide higher yields. These were the baby steps in today's crop science. 

Today we are facing an increasing world population. Because of that, new breeds are required to provide for this growing population. As well as the effect and influence of climate changes on growing new breeds. On top of that, plant viruses, bacteria, and other pests can threaten farmers especially if they grow crops in large monocultures as many farmers do for economic reasons. This means the developments in the field of crop science are evolving rapidly.  

Every day, rapidly mutating livestock and the global environment increase the demand for flexible assay and method developments. Every day, the demand and importance of quickly responding to new developments increases. The optimization of your assay and method are the key to success and good results. Just as rapidly as mutated livestock, new instruments are developed and entering the market. 

In conclusion, crop science is very important for our growing world population. With crop science, we can separate infected or non-infected cells when studying pests, such as plant viruses. Therefore specific crop science solutions are needed. 

How can Lab Services help your research in crop science?

At Lab Services we provide integrated solutions for High-throughput systems (HTS). High-throughput systems for the science of plant diseases, weeds and pests control for Crop Protection. While for Seed Breeding Lab Services developed integration within biotechnology-based approaches such as plant breeding and genetic modification.  

Together with you, Lab Services translates your assay development towards fully automated methods. At Lab Services we are able to integrate all these new instruments, even your own. 

With PlateButler, Lab Services can realize small dedicated robotic work cells for a step-by-step approach or a fully integrated workflow for several assays. With our in-house developed HTS products, Lab Services is dedicated to exceed your requirements. Depending on your wishes, Lab Services assures a high level of flexibility to customize and optimize your processes according to your requirements and needs over the years.

Are you curious about what Lab Services can do for your organization in crop sience? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We can help your research become more durable and efficient. You can work more precisely and get more reliable data. Or do you have questions about what is possible for your laboratory? We are more than glad to help you!
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