contract research organization (CRO) is an organization hired by a company in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries to manage their trials and perform different tasks to help bring a new drug or device to the market. In this article, we will explain what contract research organizations are and how CROs can improve your research. We will also explain how we fully automate CROs’ laboratories.

What are contract research organizations?

A contract research organization is an outsourcing organization which a company hires as an independent contractor to lead different trials. Companies contract CROs because they need specific expertise to carry out trials efficiently and safely without hiring permanent staff.

How do contract research organizations work?

Drug and device development is a very complex process. Moreover, companies have to bring medicines and devices onto the market rapidly to meet the needs of their clients and get ahead of the competition. CROs play a big role in different aspects of the device and drug development process, from the discovery to the launch. These trials need a host for complex activities, ranging from the design to the preparation of materials. Trial sponsors like pharmaceutical companies can outsource specific trials to a CRO, which is an independent contractor with specific knowledge. Companies have fewer costs if they hire a CRO because the latter can help bring new medicines onto the market faster and more efficiently.

The benefits of a CRO: research institute

Hiring a contract research organization has several benefits:
  • Fewer staff is needed: If a company contracts an outside CRO, they do not have to hire permanent staff to carry out the trial of drug and device development. Besides, it saves the company office space. Hiring a CRO is especially beneficial for smaller companies, as they may find it difficult to recruit the specialized talent that is needed to bring a new drug or device onto the market.
  • The clinical trials are faster: CROs claim that when companies outsource the drug and device trials to them, the time to market is much faster.
  • Lower costs without losing profit: developing new drugs is expensive, therefore companies try to find ways to lower the costs of these processes. Outsourcing the trials is one way to do so. CROs have specific knowledge and they can perform these trials much faster which helps in reducing the costs.

Top 10 CRO: contract research organizations

Want to know more about the top 10 CROs?

Lab Services: contract research organizations

Lab Services facilitates development toward fully automated methods with traceability for all data. CROs design new projects every day, which means that optimization of the method and assay in combination with traceability and data handling are key for good results and success. With Lab Services' own software, PlateButler®, we create small dedicated robotic work cells for a step-by-step approach or an integrated workflow for developments.

Depending on your wishes and requirements, Lab Services can optimize and customize your workflows. Are you curious about how Lab Services can help you and your laboratory become more efficient with our automated laboratory platforms? Please feel free to fill out our contact form. We will be happy to help!
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