The BeadBeater is the ultimate laboratory-scale homogenizer for disrupting suspensions. This method is considered superior to other methods of microbial cell disruption. At Lab Services we understand that your laboratory needs to be precise, reliable, and accurate. We have the perfect solution for you based on your wishes. Let us tell you why you should use a BeadBeater for your separation processes, and which BeadBeaters we can provide you with. 

What is a BeadBeater?

Bead beating is a highly effective mechanical method used to disrupt a wide range of biological samples. The basic process involves rapidly shaking a sample with grinding media (beads or balls) in a BeadBeater, which is a device that shakes the homogenization barrel. BeadBeaters are designed to homogenize samples in microwell tubes, plates, or vials with beads or balls made of ceramic (zirconium), glass (silica), or steel. Samples can be processed with or without solvent or buffer, at either cryogenic or ambient temperatures. 

Benefits of a BeadBeater

Bead beating is a very efficient way to break down samples. That’s why researchers often choose BeadBeaters. Unlike handheld rotors, BeadBeaters do not directly make contact with the sample, meaning cross-contamination is reduced when multiple samples are being processed. An incredible benefit which certainly makes the BeadBeater a must-have in you laboratory. A BeadBeater varies in the number of samples that can be processed, depending on the physical movement, and the length of time and speed at which samples are agitated. 

BeadBeater by Lab Services


Lab Services offers different types of BeadBeaters. The first one comes complete with a rotor assembly, a 350 ml polycarbonate chamber, an ice-water cooling jacket, and one pound of glass beads of your choice. Additional accessories are ofcourse also available. This device disrupts single-cell preparations, microorganisms, and pulverized plant and animal tissue with an efficiency of over 95%. It is easy to clean, requires no extra accessories or equipment, has a small footprint, and is maintenance free. The beads settle out in just seconds and are reusable. 


This specific BeadBeater disrupts microbial cells and animal and plant tissue by agitating four to sixteen 2 ml screw-cap micro vials containing small ceramic, steel, or glass beads. Even samples like spores or yeast are completely homogenized within 3 minutes! This BeadBeater is ideal for PCR applications and diagnostics using oligonucleotide or antibody probes. The beads are disposable, so there is absolutely no cross-contamination between samples. This is essential for PCR techniques. 


The mini BeadBeater-24 disrupts four to twenty-four tissue or microbial samples with more than 95% efficiency! Cells are disrupted safely and quickly in the system. The device is easy to clean, is maintenance-free, and has a small footprint. It offers electronics for enhanced motor function and shaking speeds of 2000-3450 strokes per min. 

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