The use of barcoded tubes is increasing. The possible applications for long-term storage of materials on the microlitre scale are growing continually. At Lab Services we are distributor of SAFE 2D barcoded tubes. In this article, we will explain more about the use of barcoded tubes and why you should use them to help your organization become more durable.

Why use barcoded tubes?

Barcoded tubes can be used for different purposes. They are used for the storage and track & trace of samples. It is important that the samples that you store are secure, identifiable, and that it saves space. And more important, if your lab is automated, there is no better alternative for modern sample storage. A few of the applications our 2D barcoded tubes are used for are Biobanking, Epidemiological and Clinical Studies, Transfusion Medicines, Compound Management, Forensics and Sequencing kits/ Oligos.   

Benefits of barcoded tubes

Using barcoded tubes has several benefits. We will explain them below.
  • Minimize human errors. By using barcodes you can eliminate human errors, due to the fact that researchers don't have to label manually.
  • Automatable. The 2D barcoded tubes all come in SBS format  racks which have been developed purely for automation. This makes it e.g. easier to make aliquots in these tubes when using liquid handlers.
  • Sample integrity. The 2D barcoded tubes are made from homopolymers and have been IATA certified. This means there is no leakage using these tubes.
  • Reproducibility. Once there is an accurate list of the samples that were used, including all the information, makes it easier to reproduce the experiment. Like knowing exactly what reagent was used, how it was produced, and how it was kept. Applying barcoded tubes to your experiment can help achieve more accurate information as all data is linked in one place; the barcode.
  • More efficient. Using barcoded tubes enables researchers to reach all relevant information much faster.

SAFE barcoded tubes at Lab Services

SAFE offers a large range of 2D coded tubes. For example, arrayed in space-saving and automated SBS racks which can be stored to -196C degrees. Lab Services can also provide the needed infrastructure, like scanners, (de)cappers and laser.

At Lab Services we have different sizes of barcoded tubes available, with internal and external threads, for different needs. All barcodes are unique, there are no duplicates. The barcodes are laser-etched for high contrast (you can read them even when frosted), and permanently affixed to the tube, meaning that they can't fall off.

Are you searching for barcoded tubes for your laboratory? Lab Services can provide you with the best tubes. Are you curious about what Lab Services, our barcoded tubes, and other equipment can do for your laboratory? Please feel free to contact us and we are happy to help your organization become more efficient and durable. Lab Services can help automate your laboratory.
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