Technological capabilities are increasing, and so do the solutions for automating lab processes. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine life without automated lab systems. But what exactly do we mean by these automated systems? And how can it improve your research? In this article, we will explain everything about automating your lab. 

What are automated lab systems?

Automated lab systems are instruments to perform lab processes, requiring minimal human input. Lab systems can be used for one single task or an entire workflow. Lab Services can provide fully automated systems using robotics and software. To realize this we have developed our very own unique software; PlateButler®. Read on to learn more about this software. 

The need for automated lab systems

Using automated lab systems can improve your workflow. Besides, it can speed up different tasks, cutting waste, using lower quantities of reagents, and allowing researchers to work on other important tasks. The use of automated lab systems can increase the reliability and accuracy of the data. More importantly, automated technology can improve the safety of the labs. The systems can handle and store harmful substances correctly. In this way, researchers are more protected from exposure to these harmful reagents and processes.Different stages in the lab can be automated; pre analytical, analytical, and the post analytical stage. You can also choose for total lab automation. Then all these stages are automated.  

Automated lab systems by Lab Services

Lab Services is your brand independent partner for automated lab systems. We ensure a progressive innovation through the use of our services, products, and expertise. We have developed our own PlateButler® software. As well as some additional products (e.g. PlateCarousel, TipHotel and PlateCruiser) to improve your workflow even more. When developing this PlateButler® software we soon realized flexibility and speed are of the essence. That is why we keep innovating PlateButler® every single day, based on the needs and wishes of our customers.

Don’t you have that much (bench) space available in your lab? Our Heron is your perfect solution. Heron is a smaller version of the bigger platforms. It also runs on our PlateButler® software and consists of a small robot with two or up to four short PlateDispensers or PlateHotels and one or two integrated devices.

Are you looking for automated lab systems for your organization or solutions to make your lab more durable and efficient? Please feel free to fill out our contact form and we are happy to help you! Together we will look for a perfect solution to help automate your lab.
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