The evolution of PlateButler® 

PlateButler® Manager also referred to as the heart of every PlateButler® platform is our core control software: our Holy Grail of dynamic scheduling. Our software department is really dedicated to the development of this complex application. It is almost a way of life instead of just an ordinary piece of software.

In 2003 PlateButler® Manager 1.0 was developed and it evolved ever since. From simple tasks like plate transfers from point A to B to complex transfers requiring time-dependent scheduling, math formula outcome or condition check verification.Nowadays, customers require more than just moving labware from one device to another. Transfers which are interconnected by means of worklists through multiple assays will guarantee correct matching of labware together to be processed by pickers, imagers or liquid handlers. PlateButler® Manager is able to dynamically allocate these connected transfers with or without pre-determined or scanned storage slot locations.     

In its core concept PlateButler® Manager uses assay scripts in a user friendly environment based on a reliable and minimalistic tree-view approach. But in the background more then only a script is processed. Assay scripts vary from static subsequent steps to parallel executed scripts with real-time changing variable parameters and methods. Connections with modern devices are being managed and commands are send seamlessly through the underlying network to devices and robots in parallel. Inventory lists and managed worklists are processed and updated variables of all types are converted and used in scripts, methods and conditional formulas. In addition the scheduler controls the whole flow of labware and device interaction from beginning to end intelligently predicting several steps ahead of actual transfers and processes. As of today PlateButler® Manager still excels in script structure complexity, conditional scheduling and simultaneous execution and is in many ways ahead of its competition. This is mainly due to the addition of countless features which improve and solidify the foundation of the software. 

Did you know

  • PlateButler® Manager increased in 8 version updates (no bugfix versions) in less than a year.
  • PlateButler® Manager is rapidly expanding and evolving more than ever.
  • PlateButler® Manager is customized for over 10 customers in the meantime.
  • Every other customer is profiting from these additions.
  • PlateButler® Manager contains sophisticated flexible scheduling behind the scenes.
  • Has a younger brother whose scheduling is based on time and day enabling careful weekly or biweekly scheduling and is able to run continuously.
  • PlateButler® Manager is able to run multiple assay scripts in parallel.
  • PlateButler® Manager will get a massive graphical overhaul conform modern graphical standards and techniques.
Modern and popular features in control software are expected and requested more and more these days. An example of such a feature is thorough traceability and tracking of resources and data. Information needs to be saved and registered, data needs to be stored and compared and even whole labware trails have to be logged. Right now we are constantly focussing on customers’ demands and wishes. We always strive to build upon better and futureproof ideas to be able to achieve a more complete software package. Our own knowledge and innovation as well as our customers input play a vital role in this process. We will not stop improving PlateButler® Manager with desired features and we hope you don’t either.  

Current major features

  • Added worklist variants and increased worklist handling complexity and added use of methods.
  • Addition of plate manager modes known as ‘Regular’, ‘Random’ and ‘Extended’.
  • Improved and enhanced tree-view implementation in the Assay Explorer focussed on more drag and drop possibility.
  • Build-in labelling interface for label orientation and providing label info supporting Cybio devices such as the QuadPrint.
  • Real-time tracking of assay variables as well as global variables from external files.
  • Advanced incubation time management with absolute, relative or increment options.

Work in progress

We are currently working on many new and innovative features. New features to make it even more user-friendly and clear for the user. Follow Lab Services closely to not miss out on any new features.
Key features