We know your workflow of genome editing, cloning, colony plating and sampling is very important to you. We also understand that throughput, reproducibility and high accuracy are key elements which define successful workflows.

Lab Services has designed many unique automated colony picking solutions for customers. We strive to offer the upmost best solution, taking all required specifications into account. As a fully brand independent integrator and developer of innovative systems, we are able to meet any of your colony picking needs and wishes, within our own production facility. 

Application purpose

The need for automatized colony picking workflows is increasing but proves challenging from time to time. Especially reaching a higher throughput without creating more employee pressure and keeping the same or even better accuracy. Reliability is also an important factor when dealing with high throughput colony picking applications. The solutions we can provide cover all of these aspects in the best possible way within a fully customized platform.

Why you should choose this application

A solution like this offers maximum flexibility and mobility. Such flexible solutions are necessary in environments where the setup of workflows change rapidly based on generated data. Increase your workflow throughput with this solution and make every day work easier, more flexible and user-friendly. It saves valuable time to focus on new assays and methods. Your solution can be sized to any extent and is not limited to this example.
Key features
  • Compact: innovative design to achieve a minimal footprint.
  • Durable: aluminium framework in combination with a high pressure laminate benchtop.
  • Modular: and easy accessible platform.
  • Flexible: mobile platform for easy docking at any location of choice.
  • Customized: to meet high standard safety, company and laboratory regulations.
  • Compatible: with LIMS environment and data management.

Key performance indicators & benefits

  • Customize the specificity to your needs, from mass colony picking to cherry picking.
  • High accuracy level workflows due to the use of vision-based robot control in combination with a state-of-the-art colony picker of your choice.
  • Achieve a solid throughput of plates within your workflow, ranging from hundred up to thousands of plates depending on the plate storage type.
  • Standardize the reproducibility of your most valuable and important workflows.
  • Increase the reliability of your workflow overall due to the decrease of error prone susceptibility.