Preserve sample integrity and ensure reliable tracking

Thermo Scientific™ 2D barcoded tubes are available for most every sample storage temperature, from ambient down to vapor phase liquid nitrogen. All 2D barcodes are unique – guaranteed no duplicates! Our barcodes are laser-etched for high contrast, and permanently affixed to the tube so they can’t fall off and jeopardize your sample traceability.Thermo Scientific™ 2D barcoded tubes are available for most every sample storage temperature:

Thermo Scientific Nunc Tubes
Ideal for cryostorage. Recommended for use from -150°C to -196°C in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.

Thermo Scientific Matrix ScrewTop Tubes
Ideal for biobanking. Recommended for use at temperatures from -80°C to -196°C.

Thermo Scientific Matrix Duraseal and SepraSeal Capping Options
Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ SepraSeal™ septa enable individual tube capping plus the ability to apply 96 septa at once down to -20°C. Pre-split SepraSeal septa can be pierced multiple times. Permanently installed Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ DuraSeal™ septa enable long-term storage needs at temperatures down to -150°C.

Storage Tube Racks
  • Styles to maximize space in many environments, including freezers, Ultra Low Temperature storage and cryostorage
  • Lockable lid options ideal for transportation, including air shipment
Thermo Scientific Matrix SeptumTubes
Recommended for use at ambient temperatures to -20°C.

Gebruik de Tube Selection Guide voor hulp bij de juiste tube keuze.
Key features
  • All Thermo Scientific 2D barcodes are unique – no duplicates!
  • Laser-etched, permanently affixed to tube for traceability – won’t fall off
  • High-contrast; readable even when partially frosted
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