Laboratory information management has emerged as indispensable tool for modern laboratories, facilitating efficient data management, workflow automation, and compliance with regulatory standards. In today's rapidly advancing scientific landscape, laboratories face the challenge of managing increasing volumes and complexity of generated data, samples, and complex workflows. ArchiTECHt serves as a skinny LIMS solution to address these challenges. It provides one centralized platform for managing sample information, automating workflows, and ensuring the integrity of experimental data. This application note explores the key features and benefits of implementing ArchiTECHt, highlighting its role in optimizing laboratory operations and enhancing overall productivity. 

Application purpose

The current state of many laboratory reveals a significant lack of integration of laboratory equipment with other equipment, leading to manual merging of results. This absence of seamless integration not only necessitates manual analysis but also hinders the overall efficiency of data processing. Additionally, the scattered storage of data across various devices, lacking a centralized location, not only limits access but also poses a risk of diminished insight and potential loss of valuable information. 

Why you should choose this application

With ArchiTECHt, your laboratory gets connected. The generated data is collected, processed, and managed in one transparent and accessible centralized location rather than being distributed across multiple locations or systems. ArchiTECHt organizes result data in a structured manner, making it easily accessible and retrievable. This not only improves data management but also facilitates compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. It is able to perform several assays automatically one after the other using predefined parameters. New subsets for the next assays will be selected and will even start automatically. ArchiTECHt markedly reduces the necessity for manual data entry and processing, streamlining workflows through its automation features. This allows your team to divert attention to more critical tasks, concurrently mitigating the risks associated with errors linked to manual handling. Simultaneously, ArchiTECHt ensures consistency in analysis and results by enforcing standardized protocols and workflows, thereby promoting uniformity across all processes and enhancing the dependability and precision of your laboratory outcomes.

Moreover, this solution accelerates your result turnaround time. By automating various steps in the analysis process and offering real-time monitoring, it guarantees faster results, facilitating prompt decision-making and responses. This, in turn, directly enhances your laboratory's throughput by optimizing workflows and reducing bottlenecks. The heightened efficiency enables the processing of a larger volume of samples, elevating overall productivity without compromising on quality.

ArchiTECHt goes beyond being just a solution; it serves as a catalyst for progress in your laboratory. It optimizes processes, ensures data integrity, and empowers your team to reach new levels of efficiency and excellence. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into ongoing and past trials through its comprehensive analytics and reporting functionalities, equipping you with the information needed for informed decision-making, process optimization, and continuous improvement.  

ArchiTECHt is based on low code methodology, which is an approach to software development that emphasizes visual programming interfaces and minimal hand-coding.  Customizing to specific requirements can be rapidly set up. Due to agility, changes can be implemented quickly and updates can be rolled out with minimal disruption.

With its graphical user interface, ArchiTECHt provides an intuitive and user-friendly way for users to interact with the software. Due to the centralized processing of information, experiment results can easily be visualized, accessed, and exported between different departments or sites and the analysis of these results is done  based on preset parameters.

ArchiTECHt is not just a solution; it's a catalyst for progress in your laboratory, optimizing processes, ensuring data integrity, and empowering your team to achieve new levels of efficiency and excellence.
Key features
  • One central data storage location.
  • Full insight in the results of (running) trials.
  • Automated result analysis and selection of subsets for subsequent assays.
  • Consistent analysis using predefined parameters.
  • Sequential execution of multiple assays automatically.