It is impossible to imagine modern genetic research without reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) workflows. Although traditional RT-PCR workflows are pretty labour intensive this specific technique of PCR is still recognized as the ‘golden standard’ in gene expression quantification. More and more organisations active in analytical fields feel the necessity to automate these workflows to meet up with the high standards of today’s data driven world. With these facts in mind we designed a high throughput platform for one of our customers. This platform meets every customer requirement in a technical, safety and financial way. We are always finding ways to offer our customer maximum technical performance for minimal costs.

Application purpose

Sometimes the purpose of an application the customer desires is obvious. As is the case with this particular solution, the need of saving time, reagents and sample material creates a leading advantage. Furthermore, being able to generate more precise and reliable data in less time is a crucial addition to any PCR workflow. The possibility to observe the effect of a lot of experimental variables on thousands of genes simultaneously is priceless.

Why you should choose this solution

This solution could be profitable to your organisation as well. Whether your professional work field is in Animal Science, Medical research, Food Industry, Drug Development & Discovery, Biomarker, Agriculture or Stem Cell Research does not matter.
Lab Services, together with you will get your ‘golden standard’ PCR assay or workflow for gene expression quantification to a higher level. Increase your workflow output and generate your data in a fast and reliable way.
Key features
  • Fast: performance, initiate thousands of reactions in just a few hours
  • Reliable: reproducible results and reduces the possibility of cross contamination
  • Parallel: processing of multiple samples
  • Easy: loading and unloading of cooled sample plates
  • Compatible: with LIMS environment and commercial data analysis software
Laboratory automation Lab Services

Key benefits

  • Increased assay capacity using 384- of 1536-well microplates
  • Processes a large number of samples simultaneously
  • Maximized throughput, minimized human intervention necessary
  • Flexible solution with customizable workflows
  • Save time, reagents and sample material
  • Generate precise, reliable and reproducible data