ELISA development is becoming more and more popular and new processing techniques are explored in rapid success. Especially in the research and production of COVID-19 pharmacological treatment these critical workflows are favoured to be fast tracked. Due to the size and lengthy nature of these processes there is often a need for fast and efficient automation. Because we understand that your workflow needs to be precise, accurate and reliable, we can propose a fitting future proof solution exactly to your needs. Whether all samples are to be processed within one workday of eight hours or to be ran overnight, we are comfortable with either choices.

Application purpose 

The platform designed for this customer contains smart use of storage and constantly keeps track of records containing numerous plates and samples. The frame is designed around a robot on a track which resembles the hearth of the system with a state-of-the-art liquid handler at the head of the frame. Multi-level flooring and cabinet placement provide a simple way to access devices within different levels of the system and to maintain a small footprint. Critical sections of the platform are neatly protected from outside dirt and unwanted particles. Additionally, this serves as a safety cabinet for the users who have physical interaction with the system. With setups like this we are able to provide our customers with the automation they need while freeing employees to be deployed on other precious research or production processes.

Why you should choose this solution

If your company or research institution utilizes extensive and thorough workflows for ELISA development by hand then it is time to choose for a full or semi automation solution. Whether the next step in your development process or the recent COVID-19 epidemic requires automation and higher throughput, we offer you the best solution through a fully customized platform. A potential platform capable of generating fast and reliable results, compatible with most laboratory information management software packages. Stay compliant with tracking every bit of information and data output the system can generate. Is your lab or room limited in space? No worries we can adjust your system in height, length and width in any combination possible.
Key features
  • Accessible: protected platform which can be operated and serviced from multiple positions. Loading and unloading of the liquid handler and storage is safe and easy.
  • Smart: placement of devices and robot reach for multilevel support.
  • Modern: durable design with maximum customization.
  • Clear: vision of the process workflow and all areas within the system.
  • Future proof: composition of devices and applicable software
  • High throughput: sample transfer, tracking and processing.

Key performance indicators & benefits

  • Compliant with all kinds of regulations and safety requirements
  • Fast access of all device positions for quick and efficient moving of labware
  • Brand independent composition of necessary devices
  • High throughput of all kinds of sample material
  • Operation of a diversity of workflows for 24 hours per day