Application purpose and introduction

In a lot of laboratory organisations it is impossible to imagine an experimental environment without cells.Dedicated cell culturing laboratories can be pretty labour intensive and additionally it can be expensive as well. Especially when multiple cell culture types are to be kept in culture continuously.In such a cell dependent environment it is of great importance to keep your precious cell lines in culture and healthy at all times. A lot of assays have certain cell interaction and mechanics fully relying on cell characteristics. Key indicators of these cells might include cell density, viability and integrity.To safeguard these culturing processes, automated systems like PlateButler is the ultimate way to be sure to keep track of everything within your workflow. 

A cell culturing system designed for a specific customer contains complex coordination and  handling of specific labware containing suspension cells. This is all maintained by a dedicated ‘heavy duty’ CoBot on a linear track to be able to transfer labware to every position required.Huge stacked shakers ensure a healthy environment for the suspension cells and also enough storage space.A customized liquid handler processes all necessary liquid transfers in and out of the labware containing cell lines. Cell refreshing, splitting and even transfection is handled by this liquid handler. A cell counter keeps track of every density and a shaker keeps the suspension in motion to prevent cell clustering. On top of this specialized control, our PlateButler® software is constantly monitoring all actions, necessary methods, user variables and even handling complex Excel datasheets.

How your solution could look like

Do you rather want to switch human resources from keeping cells in culture to other important processes in your company? This is the system to go for.A potential platform capable of tracking all cell lines, passages and densities guaranteed with a certain accuracy. A platform that is able to prepare all kinds of cell culturing assays 24 hours a day which also keeps all cell lines in culture for as long as you want.Is your lab or room limited in space? No worries! We are able to adjust your system in height, length and width in all combinations possible.

Key performance indicators & benefits

  • Fully automated cell culturing from base cell culture workflows to complex transfections.
  • Intuitive workflows running for 25 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Brand independent composition of necessary devices
  • Highly accurate cell health data and tracking of other important values
  • Smart and reliable control software able to handle any workflow
Key features
  • Sterile and clean environment exactly what cells need to keep them as healthy as possible.
  • Accurate pipetting of fluids and cell amounts.
  • Flexible workflows to be able to handle a variety of specific transfers and labware quantities.
  • Dynamic scheduling of the workflow process and all separate actions.
  • Future proof and modern control software to fit all your needs.
  • Highly customized liquid transfer and deck layout.