The request for fully automated systems to perform (cell bases) virus bioassays is growing rapidly. With this platform, cherry picking of compounds, seeding of cells, scratch assays and pipetting & handling of assay plates can be performed using 96- and 384-wells microplates. Cell based assays using different virus constructs and (human) cell strains are carried out in an automated robotic driven system in an enclosed environment that provides operator and product protection. Multiple software protocols are designed to meet flexible demands with high throughput and minimal user interference.

Lab Services is taking all necessary safety regulations into account and provides an expandable reliable platform compatible with the LIMS laboratory system. Lab Services will support your company with a future proof virus platform for years to come. 

Application purpose

Laboratories and companies tend to achieve highly standardized virus applications often bound to all kinds of strict regulations. Automation provides this coverage and even more if the user requires so. Additionally, solutions such as these obsolete the need of expensive outsourcing.
Key features
  • Safe: full class II protection with clean air solution added UV-light and appropriate waste disposal in dedicated containers.
  • Compact: durable design with a minimal footprint.
  • Precise: liquid handling for example volumes ranging from 0.5-1000 µl.
  • Sterility: of the highest degree possible.
  • Smart: placement of devices for future expansion, easy loading and unloading of plates and easy access for maintenance.
  • Compatible: with LIMS environment and commercial data analysis software.
Laboratory automation Lab Services

Why you should choose this solution 

Imagine you are working on virus naturalization assays, or you are researching viral mediated gene delivery. Perhaps you facilitate a potential vaccine candidate screening or set up a novel drug discovery project.

This is where Lab Services steps in. A solution for such a valuable purpose should be tailored to the needs of the customer. Every virus workflow has different requisites and it is therefore necessary to adapt to these needs. In this process we can make use of our knowledge and experience to fit your needs and eventually a customized solution for your virus workflow is generated.

Key performance indicators & benefits

  • High level of operator and product protection in line with any GMP regulations
  • Complex customized and highly accurate workflows
  • Critical plate or product information tracking ability
  • High throughput with a variety of plate types
  • Multi-temperature incubation possibilities
  • Space reserved for future expansion on the platform