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If you choose Lab Services, you are choosing high-quality, top-level service. For 25 years we have made a name for ourselves with it. Always keeping your needs in mind, we offer user-friendly innovations in laboratory automation. Our aim is to supply the whole world with PlateButler® from our home base in Europe, and to live up to our excellent reputation. You are the focus in everything we do. We want to gain an in-depth understanding of your processes.Using our creativity and flexibility we aim to find the solution that fits you best. And if the initial idea doesn’t put a smile on your face, we can offer you alternatives. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Lab Services team

The focus of our expert and dynamic team is on relieving as many laboratories in the world of their most time-consuming activities. We have brought together the best minds to achieve our shared goal: supplying you with innovative products. A team consisting of reliable and caring professionals who will go to great lengths to get the job done for you.
Arjan Hofman CEO

We very much want to be a sparring partner and serve as a centre of expertise that can offer the customer flexible, custom solutions: we are going for “preserve through innovation”.

Ferry de Vugt CTO

Thanks to our technical expertise, we can engage in valuable dialogue with our customers in finding solutions. We are service-oriented and open to developments in the sector.

Noëlle Peeters Marketing Manager
Latchmie Motilall Sales & Service Support

I strive for solutions, not promises.

Naomi Kuiper Administration & Sales Support
Robbert van de Worp Project Group Manager

If opportunity fails to knock, build a door.

Jeroen Theeuwes Software Manager

Computers are excellent at following instructions, but rubbish at reading your mind.

Folmer Jager Software Engineer

Folmer fixes it up!

Myckel Schuurbiers P.S.I. System Engineer

We can make it more fun and easier.

Nick de Visser Junior Support Engineer
Jan Diepstraten Office Manager Finance
Gary Severing Financial Control

Welcome to the financial department, where everyone counts.

Mark Hagendijk Warehouse & Production Engineer
Tom Meesters Project Assistant
Rob van den Broek Key Account Manager
Stefan Sneep Software Engineer
Bart Goorden Service Engineer
Agnes Stam Ordertraffic & Household

Makes every lunch go down a treat.


Would you like to work at Lab Services?

We are regularly looking for expert colleagues to reinforce our team. You can send an open application via mail or e-mail. Please do not contact this employer with services or other commercial interests.

Our references

As system integrator Lab Services has built a various number of applications with all type of sophisticated instruments in inter alia, the Pharma, Food, CropScience and Animal Health industry. The PlateButler® references below show only a selection of the wide range of applications with medium to high throughput screening applications.
Next Generation Screening Platforms

High Troughput Screening in Antibody Lead Discovery

The High throughput screening facility consists of multiple robotic systems:

  • One platform for fully automated colony picking / cell sorting
  • Three robotic platforms: One for scheduled inoculation and induction of expression cultures, two for screening assays for up to two hundred 384 or 1536 well plates per run
  • One robotic platform for flexible non standardized screening workflows

Main features:
Speed: Circular, compact hardware array using robotic arms with increased reach and height; reduced moving times
Keep costs under control: Re-use existing devices; incremental cost model for upcoming integrations
Keep devices accessible: Devices on drawers to allow maintenance and stand alone work while keeping the small footprint; sliding doors to keep safety regulations; integrated tailored data handling
Keep complexity low: Use the same software and automation core on all platforms; robotic arm with easy teaching function; use the same robotic arm on all platforms
Flexible for immediate needs: devices on trolleys; span 8 pipetting for non plate based operations; sufficient space for future implementations. 


Integration of PCR equipment

PlateButler® LidLifter for the integration of 10 SensoQuest LabCyclers

This relates to a custom-made solution for automating very delicate lids of PCR equipment in a series of 10 devices. For this, we designed the LidLifter, which meets the following objectives:

  • provides the ability to automate equipment that does not feature this option as a standard
  • replaces the delicate lid by a robust version that frequently can be opened and closed without showing wear

More information regarding the LidLifter can be found here.



PlateButler® en Heron outside the Benelux

Our PlateButler® and Heron product range is also available outside the Benelux. We work together with carefully selected distributors, all experts in the field of laboratory automation. They are located in inter alia, France, the USA and Japan:

France: Hi-RisLab
7, route de St Genis
69610 Ste Foy l’Argentière – France
Phone : +33 6 72 43 03 43
Fax : +33 4 72 19 67 33
Expert instrumentation, Robotique et informatique de Laboratoire

USA: ImmunoSite Technologies
2831 Corporate Way
Miramar, FL 33025
Phone: +1 954-462-6800
Fax: +1 954-462-6815
R&D Services for the Life Sciences

Japan: Asahi Techneion Co.,Ltd
Yamada building 1-14,Shinjuku 1-chome,Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160-0022 Japan
Phone: +81-3-5363-8941
Fax: +81-3-5361-8165

For sales in other countries, please contact us.