Service and support

We are convinced that delivering top-quality products is only of value if the service we offer is of the same high quality. Our team of specialists is ready to help you. We tackle every challenge with accuracy and great speed. And will answer any question in detail. Because we understand that your laboratory must be in mint condition every minute of every day. And that is what we deliver. After all, service and support are at the heart of our success.

With a straightforward Lab Services Service Contract we increase your instrument’s productivity and extend its life. Every contract guarantees your device are in mint condition. Whether you sign a Full Service Contract or a Preventive Maintenance Contract.

full service contract

No more unforeseen expenses

This contract is an extension of the first warranty year. This means you will never face any unforeseen expenses. A full-service contract, including parts, incidental services, preventative service and a 24-hour response period.

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preventive service contract

Reduces the chance of interim repairs

Depending on your system or instrument, it will be subjected to standard tests and check-ups of the minimum requirements. This preventive service reduces the chance of any interim repairs. Should you be faced with an unexpected problem, then we guarantee that we will respond within 48 hours.

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Do you need our help?

If you have a question or an issue which you cannot tackle yourself, please contact us. Our aim is to offer you a solution as quickly as we can. If we cannot help you within one working day, we promise to let you know when we will.

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Experiencing problems with any of our products? Don’t hestitate to call us.